I Can’T Keep My Dog Where Can I Take Him? (Question)


  • Contact your local animal shelter, since many of them offer a list of properties in the area that rent to people who have pets. Use services such as My New Place or People with Pets to find a place to live. Nonetheless, there are situations when individuals are unable to bring their pets with them.

Where do I take my dog if I can’t keep him?

Taking your dog to an animal shelter or rescue group is an acceptable method of surrendering him. It’s critical to understand what will happen to your pet if you surrender it to a shelter or rescue organization, as well as to be aware that there are other options available. Some institutions do not accept walk-in surrenders, and practically all of them charge a fee for this service.

What to do with a dog you can’t keep anymore?

888-452-7381 is the number to contact if you need to surrender your pet to a shelter and schedule a time to do it. NONE of the following situations are acceptable: abandoning your pet in a building or enclosure; parking lot; street; or other public area Pet abandoning is a criminal offense under California Penal Code 597.

Can I surrender my dog to PetSmart?

If you need to return your pet to a shelter, please schedule a time by calling 888-452-7381 to do so. DO NOT leave your pet unattended in any building, fence, lot, roadway, or other public area. A violation of California Penal Code 597 is the abandoning of a pet.

How do I get rid of my dog I don’t want?

The most humane approach to get rid of a pet that you don’t want is to donate it to an animal shelter near you. There are several non-profit organizations that provide shelter for animals that you are no longer able to care for. You may easily locate one by just looking through the phone book or conducting an internet search.

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Will Petco take unwanted pets?

As part of our “Think Adoption First” campaign, Petco will happily assist you in finding a loving home for any companion animal in excellent health, or may accept back any companion animal in good health regardless of the amount of time you have had the animal. This link will provide you with the phone number for your local Petco shop.

Will my dog miss me when I give him away?

My dog would surely miss me if I had to send him away. If you give your dog away, he will most likely miss you for a period of time. It’s difficult to forget about good puppy parents! However, if you’re relocating your dog to a new, equally loving home, his affection for you and the rest of his new family will almost certainly grow.

Where can I post my dog for free?

I’m looking for a place where I may surrender my dog for free (Or Almost Free)

  • 1 | Family and friends – This is the cheapest and best option. It is possible to re-home your dog through your family and friends.
  • 2 | Rehome: A Service From Adoptapet – Free + 2nd Option.
  • 3 | Animal Rescue – Free or Small Fee + 3rd Option.
  • 4 | Animal Shelter – Low Cost Fee + Last Option!

Can you give a dog away on Facebook?

There is nothing in Facebook’s business policy that prohibits posts from “promoting the sale of any animal,” but there is nothing that prohibits posts from “giving away any animal for free.” An RSPCA Queensland spokeswoman confirmed that the organization was looking into Trixie’s situation.

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Can I leave my dog at the pound?

Posts “may not advertise the sale of any animal,” according to Facebook’s commerce policy, but there is nothing in the policy that prohibits people from giving animals away free of charge. According to an RSPCA Queensland representative, the organization is currently examining Trixie’s death.

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