What is Dogpatch?

If you try looking for Dogpatch, Arizona on a map, the chances are that you won’t find it. 

That’s because “Dogpatch” is the nickname of a rural area just south of the Tucson International Airport (between Old Nogales Highway and South Swan Road) known officially as Summit, AZ. Dating back as early as the local greyhound races of 1940s,  Dogpatch earned its name by serving as a dumping ground for greyhounds whose racing days had come to an end.

In the decades since, Dogpatch has turned into a dumping ground for all kinds of garbage–stolen vehicles, tires, yard waste, hazardous materials–as well as animals, both dead and alive. Signs of neglect, overpopulation, and even abuse of domesticated animals run rampant in and around Dogpatch, with surprisingly little response from both the local community and greater Tucson municipality.

Angels for Animals Tucson tries to help not only the animals here, but also the people too. By informing residents about free and low-cost spay and neuter clinics, as well as proper animal care, we hope to establish a new cultural of animal stewardship in Dogpatch.

What We Encounter

We are not proud to display the graphic photos below, but they offer a glimpse into what we observe on a typical visit to the area, even today. Although the situation has improved since we started in December of 2009, awareness needs to continue so Dogpatch is not forgotten and the progress gained so far isn’t reversed.