How Old Is Jake The Dog? (Correct answer)

During the premiere episode of the series, Jake is stated to be 28 years old in “magical dog years,” while it is not indicated how old he is in human years at that point in the episode.

Jake the Dog
Created by Pendleton Ward
Voiced by John DiMaggio
In-universe information
Species Dog/shapeshifter hybrid


How old is Jake in human years?

In “Joshua and Margaret Investigations,” during a flashback to the day Jake was born, it was also mentioned that the events that occurred after Flame Princess’s birth in “Earth Water” occurred on the same day, implying that Jake would be 16 years old in human years at the time of the flashback to the day Jake was born.

How old are Finn and Jake?

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is a television series that follows the strange exploits of a 14-year-old human kid named Finn (Jeremy Shada) and his wisecracking dog Jake (John Di Maggio). The animated television series of the same name is included in the film, which has five episodes.

How strong is Jake the dog?

JAKE is number eleven. Jake’s shapeshifting abilities are almost inexhaustibly powerful. Despite the fact that there is a limit to how far he can stretch (which is reached in an episode with the fitting title “The Limit”), he is capable of doing everything for the most part.

What happened to Jake the dog?

Jake passed away earlier than expected since he was a dog with a restricted life expectancy. Finn, who has just lately passed away, must explore through the many levels of the world of the dead in order to locate his long-lost companion.

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How old is Lemongrab?

Analyze the plot of the story. In the cartoon, Lemongrab’s real age has not yet been revealed, however Princess Bubblegum believes him to be older than her when she was thirteen years old.

Does Jake age faster than Finn?

“Dad’s Dungeon” and “Jake the Dad” depict him and Finn as newborns at the same time, implying that he and Finn age more quickly than humans but more slowly than dogs, as is customary for canines of his kind.

What age is Jeremy Shada?

Ice King is a recurrent adversary who has evolved into a supporting protagonist in the series. He has been alive for 1,043 years. The Ice King often kidnaps princesses around Ooo in order to force them to marry him, with Princess Bubblegum being his most frequent victim.

How old is Pb in Adventure Time?

She typically seems to be eighteen years old, despite the fact that her true age is 827; she was born hundreds of years before the events of the story from a gum-like ooze known as the “Mother Gum,” which she calls “Mother Gum.” Bubblegum momentarily reaches the age of thirteen in the second season as a result of losing too much biomass as a result of being bitten by aphids.

Can Jakes parents stretch?

Some of Jake’s progeny are proven to have inherited Jake’s stretchable abilities in full or in part. Jake Jr. can stretch her hair into any shapes and sizes she desires in “Jake the Dad,” whereas Kim Kil Whan can extend himself into two arms to create Super Pup with his brothers in “Jake the Dad.”

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Who is Jake’s dad Adventure Time?

The biological father of Jake and Jermaine, the adoptive father of Finn, and the spouse of Margaret, Joshua is a successful businessman.

Why is Magic Man such a jerk?

It’s possible that Magic Man is such a jerk because Margles, someone he loved deeply about, was killed when she jumped from the mountain. In the film “Sons of Mars,” Magic Man performs a short song while taking on Jake’s appearance, which includes the phrase “And the small folk get left behind.” The title of the episode “All the Little People” makes a reference to this passage of dialogue.

How old is Jake Enhypen?

Perhaps some characters are anti-dog, but Jake’s dog-ness is not associated with his supposed Blackness in this story. Sure, these characters aren’t expressly defined as Black, but it feels strange to pick and choose whatever characteristics you want to attribute to your own particular headcanons based on their appearance.

How did Jake died in Adventure Time?

A nuclear war that finally took a massive piece out of the earth, drastically altering the nature of reality as we know it is well known to Adventure Time fans. The reason why the world is so screwed up with magic is also well known to Adventure Time viewers. Jake’s body is dropped into the hole, where it continues to expand and eventually takes up the entire chunk of earth.

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