Which Of The Following Statements About Research With Animals Is Incorrect? (Question)

Which kind of study are no longer permitted to make use of animals?

  • Animals are no longer permitted to be used in studies in which it would be immoral to use people, as was the case previously. When it comes to naturalistic observation, which of the following claims is correct? It entails paying attention to behavior in its natural environment.

Which of the following is true about the use of animals in psychological research quizlet?

The following statement is correct in regards to animal research being carried out in psychology. Animals are employed in around 8% of all psychological research studies. If participants find themselves completing activities that are similar to those that they would experience in their normal everyday lives, they are regarded to be: at low risk.

Which of the following statement is true concerning a correlation coefficient?

The correct response is option d. In the current situation, the correlation between two variables indicates the degree and direction of the linear relationship that exists between these two variables. Its value is always in the range of -1 and 1.

Which of the following is true of the use of animals in psychological research?

Which of the following statements on the use of animals in psychological study is TRUE? Use of animals in research is always unethical, regardless of the situation. – Animal subjects are occasionally utilized for research that cannot be done on humans due to ethical or logistical constraints.

Who is considered the father of psychology in the United States quizlet?

The scientific investigation of human behavior and mental processes. ‘The fundamentals of psychological psychology’ was the title of Wundt’s first book on psychology, which was published in 1874. Wundt is regarded as the “Father of Psychology” since he established the first research laboratory in psychology in 1879.

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Are animals protected by research regulations?

The Animal Welfare Act (also known as the AWA) is a federal legislation that regulates the level of care that animals get in research institutions, such as laboratories. This rule excludes around 95% of the animals tested on (such as rats, mice, birds, fish, and reptiles) and gives only minimum safeguards for the remaining 5% of animals tested on.

Which of the following groups of animals is used in the majority of psychological research?

Humans had ancestors who are related to the animals that are most widely studied in psychology: mice, rats, and monkeys.

Which of the following statements is most correct about the relationship between correlation?

Identify which of the following assertions is the most accurate regarding the link between correlation and causation? Correlation suggests the potential of a causal link, but it does not imply that a relationship is causal in nature.

Which of the following statements about correlation are true in general?

The following claims concerning correlation are correct, but which one is incorrect? The correlation is scaleless, which means that it does not change when the measurement units for one or both of the variables are altered. A positive correlation indicates that two variables are more likely than not to vary in the same way.

What does a negative correlation show?

It is possible to have a negative, or inverse, correlation between two variables, which means that one variable grows while the other drops, and vice versa.

Why are animals used in research?

It is possible to discover knowledge about animals that cannot be learned any other way than through seeing and studying them. Instead, the medicine or procedure is evaluated on animals to ensure that it is both safe and effective before being used in humans. The use of animals in experiments makes it feasible to conduct experiments that would be difficult to repeat with human beings.

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Should animals be used for research argumentative?

Despite the fact that people frequently gain from successful animal studies, the agony, suffering, and deaths of animals are not worth the potential advantages to humans that may result. Because of this, animals should not be utilized in research or to assess the efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

How have animals themselves benefit from animal research?

Numerous endangered species have benefitted from animal studies, which has played an important role in their preservation. With the capacity to eradicate parasites, cure diseases, utilize anesthetic devices, and encourage breeding in many species’ populations, the health and survival of many species has improved.

Which of the following statements accurately describes Wilhelm Wundt’s impact on psychological research?

In what way does Wilhelm Wundt’s influence on psychological research come across most correctly in the following statements? He established a precedent for the collection of scientific data to solve psychological concerns through experimentation. Today’s emphasis on animal learning research is best represented by which one of the following questions is most accurate?

What statement about human behavior would Sigmund Freud?

Which of the following statements regarding human behavior would Sigmund Freud agree with? Unconscious conflicts and wants have an impact on people’s personalities and behavior.

Who is generally recognized as the founder of American psychology quizlet?

Write a concise summary of Wundt’s achievements and contributions to psychology. Wilhelm Wundt is widely regarded as the father of modern psychology. Psychology, in his opinion, was the study of consciousness.

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