Which Of The Below Animals Is The Least Related To The Others, Evolutionarily? (Question)

Which of the following creatures is the most distantly connected to the others in terms of evolution? Snail.

Which of the following is true of both members of phylum Nematoda and phylum cnidaria group of answer choices?

Phylum Nematoda and Phylum Cnidaria members share which of the following characteristics in common? They are both endowed with a full stomach.

Why are beneficial nematodes considered beneficial to humans?

Because they are naturally occurring, beneficial nematodes are completely safe to use around humans, children, and pets. Being natural, they are also safe for soils and will not affect non-target creatures like bees or pollinators, who are important pollinators. Their advantages include being simple to administer (no protective gear is required), being quick to work (typically within a few days), and being cost effective.

Which phylum are roundworms classified under?

A nematode, usually known as a roundworm, is any worm belonging to the phylum Nematoda. Nematodes are among the most common species on the planet, accounting for about a third of all animals.

Why are the phylum Nematoda and phylum Arthropoda placed into a larger group called the Ecdysozoa?

Nematoda is the phylum in which they live. Both nematodes and arthropods are members of the superphylum Ecdysozoa, which is thought to be a clade consisting of all evolutionary descendants of a single common ancestor, according to current thinking. Ecdysis is derived from the Greek term ecdysis, which refers to the process of exoskeleton shedding, often known as molting.

Do nematodes harm dogs?

This is due to the fact that nematodes are non-toxic to dogs, cats, and people, are simple to administer, and may kill both the larval and pupal stages of fleas within 48 hours of administration, as well as prevent the appearance of future generation adults of the pest.

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Are nematodes safe for wildlife?

Most significantly, Nemaslug Nematodes are non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. They are also suitable for use in aquariums (except for slugs and snails).

What are beneficial nematodes?

Beneficial Nematodes are tiny, non-segmented roundworms that exist naturally in soils all over the world and play an important role in soil health. The main weapon, however, is found inside the nematode’s gut: helpful bacteria that, when released inside an insect, kill it within 24 to 48 hours after being ingested. Following that, nematodes expel their bacteria from within the pest’s body.

What animals belong to phylum Nematoda?

Members of the phylum Nematoda, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms are all prevalent canine parasites that cause a variety of health problems. Nematode infections are common in dogs, and nearly all of them will contract at least one species at some time in their lives.

Which of the following animals does not belong to phylum Nematoda?

This is the right response: Sycon.

Which characteristic applies to roundworms?

Roundworms have a simple structure, which makes them easy to identify. Roundworms are distinguished by their simple worm-like form, which is devoid of distinguishing characteristics such as cilia or a clearly defined head. This creature has an internal body cavity, which is referred to as a pseudocoelom, that is similar in appearance to a tube within a tube and spans the whole length of its body.

What do nematodes and arthropods both have?

Both nematodes and arthropods have a protective coating on the outside called a cuticle. In contrast to arthropods, which are acoelomates, nematodes are coelomates. The cuticle of nematodes gets longer as the animal rises in size. Both nematodes and arthropods have body designs that are segmented.

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What feature makes nematodes and arthropods more closely related to each other than to other clades?

Strangely, the presence of an exoskeleton shows that the phylum Nematoda (the roundworms) is more closely linked to the Phylum Arthropoda (the arthropods) than it is to the other worm phyla, contrary to popular belief.

Why are annelids arthropods and molluscs placed in the same clade?

For what reason are annelids, arthropods, and mollusks all grouped together in the same clade? – They have a diploblastic structure.

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