What Are Sanctuary Animals In Hay Day? (Solved)

Animal feeding in the wildlife sanctuary, often known as the sanctuary, is a gaming location in which players may earn experience points by feeding sanctuary animals in the surrounding town. It’s comparable to the process of feeding farm animals. When you reach reputation level 3, you can open this location, which is located on the far right side of town.

  • It is a wildlife refuge that is home to a variety of wild species like elephants, hippos, and giraffees, among others. The town of Sanctuary is located on the farm level 34, and it may be accessed after fixing the railway station of players’ farms with 39,000 coins and taking three days.

How do you get animals to sanctuary in hay day?

To go to the Sanctuary, you must first raise your farm’s level to 34 and then restore the railway station, which will take time. You will be able to reach the town after the railway station has been renovated.

Is there any cheats for hay day?

The reality of the matter is that there are no reputable sources for Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or anything else of that nature. The vast majority of these services need you to download an application, complete a survey, or offer your Hay Day log-in information in exchange for free diamonds.

How do you send animals to sanctuary?

What is the best way to distribute Sanctuary Animals? When you get to the Animal Sanctuary, the animals you’ve gathered will be safely unloaded from your truck by trained staff. It may take some time to unload them all from your truck in order to verify that they are properly delivered. Diamonds can be used to expedite the procedure if necessary.

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How do you unlock GREY elephant on hay day?

Elephants, in contrast to other animals, cannot be purchased. Players must discover puzzle pieces to unlock them in order to use them (which are collected in a log book). For each animal, a total of 36 pieces are required.

What’s the highest level in Hay Day?

For each subsequent level after level 500, you will require an additional 20,000 points. At the moment, the maximum experience level is set to 800 points.

Can I sell my Hay Day account?

Yeah, selling items/accounts or anything else for real money is really against the law and against the regulations of the hay day event. Attempting to sell hay day accounts is a violation of the hay day terms of service.

What is the max silo storage in Hay Day?

The silo has a capacity of 50 items at first. Its capacity is increased by 25 spots, from 50 to 1,000, as a result of the upgrade. by 50 places from 1,000 to an unlimited number of slots

How do I send town visitors to Sanctuary?

Visitors are being directed to service buildings. The guest may be sent to one of the buildings in one of two ways: either by tapping on them or by sending them to one of the buildings. The player should go to the Town Hall and pick the Idle tab, then tap on the desired visitor and click See Visitor, and then tap on the building to which the visitor should be directed.

Who eats meat buckets in Hayday?

Meat buckets are items that may be obtained if a player has attained reputation level 3, has unlocked Sanctuary, and has at least one arctic fox or cheetah sanctuary animal in their possession. They are utilized to provide food for the animals at the Sanctuary. They are kept in the barn with the rest of the items.

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